BRAC Legislative Review: Analysis of the 2015 Legislative Session
On Monday, June 15, BRAC published an analysis of the 2015 Legislative Session. Review the full report here »

2015 Legislative Priorities

BRAC has outlined eight priorities for which the organization will advocate during the 2015 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature, which will begin on April 13 and conclude on or before June 11. BRAC’s agenda can be categorized in three broad categories: tax and incentives, education and workforce, and transportation infrastructure.

  • Oppose the change of the inventory tax credit and research and development tax credit from refundable to non-refundable tax credits. Support reasonable alternatives to replace the revenue of these proposals, and/or that eliminate the inventory tax itself.
  • Support the transfer of full tuition and fee autonomy to the state’s higher education systems, while demanding higher education funding stabilization and TOPS reform.
  • Lead the renewal and reduction of the Angel Investor Tax Credit to spur continued entrepreneurship and innovation in the state’s economy.
  • Defend Louisiana’s economic development toolkit by fighting measures that would negatively impact the state’s critical incentive programs.
  • Support new and increased transportation funding solutions.
  • Lead the development of workforce solutions through the comprehensive review of the Incumbent Worker Training program. Instead of filing a bill, BRAC will seek the adoption of a resolution creating a study commission.
  • Ensure the state’s K-12 education system prepares students for the global workforce by defending Common Core and sidelining efforts to dismantle the state’s accountability system.
  • Establish a commission to review state budget expenditure restrictions and funding dedications and provide recommendations for increasing budgetary flexibility.

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