Investor Levels & Benefits

Businesses and organizations invest in BRAC at different levels as members and funders of its mission. Some companies — BRAC’s campaign investors — fund the organization’s economic development activities through five-year commitments in support of a long-range strategic plan that guides the organization’s work. Discover what BRAC can do for your business, for you directly and for the future aspirations of the Baton Rouge Area economy.

Today, BRAC investors include small businesses, midsize firms, large industry and entrepreneurial startups, as well as other individuals and organizations that support business and economic development.

Interested in learning more? Contact our Investor Development and Relations team or schedule a meeting now.

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Investor Benefits

Being a BRAC investor comes with many benefits, a few of which are listed below. For more information on how BRAC can benefit you and your organization, contact our Investor Development and Relations team or schedule a meeting now.


Regional Business Directory

Investors are listed in BRAC’s business directory, the most comprehensive business services directory in the Capital Region. This public directory assists in attracting new business, while also connecting investors with one another. The directory is available online at

BRAC Events

BRAC offers a variety of events throughout the year for investors to learn and network. Investors receive discounted rates and access to event sponsorship opportunities.  For more information, go to BRAC Events.

Issue Councils, Committees and Working Groups

BRAC investors are invited to actively engage in our work through participation on a variety of councils and committees. Learn more about serving at Become Involved.

Annual Report Listing

BRAC’s award-winning annual report summarizes the economic development and advocacy activities of the organization. All investors are listed in the report and credited for their contributions. Each investor receives a mailed hard copy of the report every year. To view the latest annual report online, view Publications.

Access to BRAC Staff

BRAC’s staff has a depth and breadth of experience to assist investors on everything from research to talent development. For a full staff listing, visit Our Team.

BRAC Referral Program

BRAC investors’ personal and professional connections are invaluable to BRAC’s growth and advancement of its economic development activities. As such, investors are eligible to earn incentives for providing quality referrals to the organization. A simple form is available here.


BRAC Business Guide

Available online here, is a three-part resource providing a thorough overview of a variety of topics pertinent to establishing and operating a business.

BRAC Communications

BRAC sends regular communication to keep investors up-to-date on economic development activity, legislative advocacy and BRAC-hosted community events. BRAC’s e-newsletters include:

  • 5 Things You Need to Know: a weekly investor-only publication highlighting newsworthy economic development activity
  • Capitol 411: during the regular legislative session, BRAC investors receive weekly legislative updates
  • Upcoming Events: a biweekly alert of upcoming BRAC events
  • LIVEcapitalized: BRAC’s biweekly quality of place newsletter celebrating everything the Capital Region has to offer, including activities, food, events and job openings

BRAC’s Market Intelligence and Research Reports

BRAC publishes research and analysis on a variety of topics throughout the year. Recurring policy research reports include education, workforce, innovation and economic outlook. To read recently published work, view our Reports.


BRAC Business Concierge

BRAC investors have access to the BRAC Business Concierge, which serves as a single point of contact for access to BRAC staff and resources, as well as other BRAC investors and external resources. The BRAC Business Concierge is available to provide detailed information on BRAC benefits and technical information about policies, strategies and procedures. Contact the BRAC Business Concierge at 225.381.7125 or visit Business Concierge.

Business Intelligence

BRAC’s Business Intelligence team offers monthly regional market economic reports as well as custom research on a fee-for-service basis. The department produces analyses on economic, demographic, workforce and other industry-specific requests. Click here to learn more.

Economic Development

BRAC’s investors support the organization’s lead development, project management and site certification to expand local businesses and recruit investment from external businesses relocating to the area. To learn more about the work the economic development team does, visit Economic Development.

Grand Opening Services

BRAC offers grand opening services to investors to celebrate the opening of their businesses. BRAC’s Business Concierge arranges and handles all grand opening services. To learn more, visit Business Concierge.

Talent Development

BRAC’s talent development team supports investors’ existing human resources recruitment practices in candidate sourcing, recruitment and orientation. Investors also are invited to nominate interns for participation in BRAC’s InternBR program to help develop a talent pipeline. To learn more about the work the talent development team does and how it can be uniquely customized to your needs, visit Talent Development.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)

A staff member with the Louisiana Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) is housed in the BRAC offices to assist investors in obtaining contracts at any level of government, including federal, state and local. Services are designed to assist Baton Rouge Area companies with identifying government contracts, assess preparedness to pursue contracts and business plan development. To access PTAC services, visit

Web-based Investor Services

The Investor Portal features several web-based resources including annual renewal, management of investor profile, communication opt-ins, searchable investor directory and event registration. To access the Investor Portal, login now.


Policy Research and Analysis

BRAC maintains policy positions on a variety of issues impacting the region. BRAC’s policy research and analysis help businesses understand how activity in the legislature and among regional agencies can potentially impact business and economic growth.

Annual Legislative Agenda

BRAC identifies and advocates for major initiatives and positions during the Legislative Session. To view the current legislative priorities, visit Legislative Priorities.

Legislative and Local Government Engagement

In addition to publication of the annual legislative agenda, BRAC works with lawmakers and executive branch officials to enact its priorities. Similarly, BRAC works with the East Baton Rouge Metro Council members, administrators and boards and commissions in pursuit of policies to improve economic competitiveness. FuturePAC, a political action committee affiliated with BRAC, is the only PAC focused on economic development issues for Louisiana and the Capital Region. To visit the FuturePAC website, go to

Weekly Legislative Updates

During the Regular Legislative Session, BRAC publishes a weekly email, Capitol 411, featuring brief highlights of major milestones during the week, updates on the progress of BRAC’s agenda, as well as key calls to action for BRAC stakeholders.

Education Engagement

BRAC works closely with the parish school systems and school board members to advance PK-12 education policies to expand quality school choices and improve student performance through high standards and accountability.

Seeking Traffic Solutions

Through Capital Region Industry for Sustainable Infrastructure Solutions – CRISIS – BRAC works in partnership with CPEX, GBRIA and government entities like the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and the Capital Region Planning Commission to identify solutions to the region’s transportation challenges.

Campaign Investment Levels

The information below should be used as a guide to assist companies in selecting an investment level.

Supporting Investor – $4,000

  • Engagement plan*
  • Economic Outlook
  • Discounted talent services
  • Exclusive campaign investor events
  • Monthly BRAC CEO email briefings with monthly economic indicators report
  • Quarterly BRAC investor teleconference
  • Highlighted profile in BRAC’s business directory with link to company website
  • Recognition in published campaign investor list included in Catalyst, annual report, and BRAC’s website

Policy Investor – $10,000

  • One complimentary resume database search per year
  • One complimentary talent development consultation*
  • Discounted BRAC event sponsorships
  • Research paper and policy briefings
  • Two complimentary registrations to BRAC’s Monthly Lunch per year
  • BRAC promotion/C-level representation at company events

R&D Investor – $15,000

  • Project win receptions*
  • One complimentary, customized candidate recruitment tour
  • One complimentary, customized research report per year*
  • One complimentary, customized policy briefing per year
  • BRAC investor mailing list (for marketing purposes)

Development Investor – $25,000

  • Business Development Advisory Committee seat
  • Inclusion in Business Development Resource Guide* provided to prospects
  • Business Development Advisory Committee exclusive events
  • Two complimentary, customized candidate recruitment tours
  • Two complimentary, customized research reports per year
  • Two complimentary registrations to BRAC’s Signature Speaker event per year

Board Investor – $50,000

  • Board of Directors seat
  • Private engagements with business development prospects
  • Customized, annual BRAC CEO briefings on location
  • Three complimentary, customized candidate recruitment tours
  • Three complimentary, customized research reports per year
  • Two complimentary registrations to BRAC’s annual event

Executive Investor – $100,000

  • Executive Committee seat
  • Private newcomer orientation on location for an investor’s new hires
  • Logo recognition on BRAC website
  • CEO Leadership Group

While benefits at each level build upon the previous level, the number of complimentary tours, reports and registrations are specified by level.

*Engagement plan – a customized plan to maximize a business’s BRAC investment.

Talent development consultation – one-hour strategy session with BRAC’s Talent Development department to review best practices and assist in employee recruitment plans.

Research reports – economic, demographic, workforce and industry-specific research, as well as comparative analysis.

Project win receptions – receptions with BRAC’s project wins.

Business Development Resource Guide – annual publication highlighting BRAC’s top strategic partners and investors, distributed to business development prospects, wins and other key stakeholders.

For a comprehensive overview, download a PDF of all campaign investment levels.

Member Investment Levels

BRAC offers a range of investment levels to accommodate business of all sizes and goals. Investment levels are based on a company’s full-time employees in the Baton Rouge Area (updated annually), as well as company type. For companies seeking a higher level of engagement and involvement with economic development in the region, BRAC offers tiered levels of campaign investment.


  • 1-4 employees: $400
  • 5-10 employees: $500
  • 11-20 employees: $600
  • 21-30 employees: $700
  • 31-40 employees: $800
  • 41-50 employees: $900
  • 51-75 employees: $1,000
  • 76-100 employees: $1,100
  • 101+ employees: $1,100 + $7 per employee

Professional Services Firms

  • Accounting, architecture, insurance, legal, and physicians groups
  • Minimum $400 + $75 each additional professional

Associations, Clubs, Churches, Nonprofits, Schools & Government Agencies

  • 1-199 employees: $400
  • 200+ employees: $550

Associate Investors

  • Retired professionals, government employees, educators, and students
  • $200 each

Automotive Dealers

  • New and used
  • Minimum $500 + $51 each full-time employee over 4

Financial Institutions

  • Minimum $400 + $33 per million in annual deposits


  • Minimum $400 + $0.11 per thousand net annual revenues

Hotels & Motels

  • Minimum $400 + $7 per room

Manufacturers, Processors, Refineries, & Chemical Plants

  • 1-100 employees: Minimum $400 + $14 per employee
  • 101-500 employees: Minimum $600 + $14 per employee
  • 501+ employees: Minimum $1500 + $14 per employee

For a comprehensive overview, download a PDF of all Member Investment Levels.