BRAC works to fuel economic growth within the nine-parish region. A strong economy and vibrant community help propel businesses of all sizes. By becoming involved with BRAC, your company actively participates in the region’s growth and success. Additionally, BRAC provides valuable assistance to support your business’ growth and expansion through connections with workforce training services, university partnerships for research and other services.

Businesses and organizations invest in BRAC at different levels as members and funders of its mission. Some companies – BRAC’s campaign investors– fund the organization’s economic development activities through five-year commitments in support of a long-range strategic plan that guides the organization’s work.

We are passionate about the current and future potential for the Baton Rouge Area, and invite you to discover what BRAC can mean for your business, for you directly, and for the future aspirations of the region’s economy. Schedule a meeting with BRAC’s Investor Development & Relations team to learn more.

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