The third annual workplan toward Think Bigger, BRAC’s five-year strategic plan, is now fresh off the press.  

This year, BRAC identified four overarching priorities, which include securing transportation funding sources; partnering with parishes and local organizations to ensure competitive, transparent local incentives that provide return on investment; increasing business development project leads in targeted growth sectors; and advancing measurable and visible progress on Quality of Place.  

Broken out by goals established in BRAC’s five-year strategic plan, each bullet point indicates how BRAC will advance objectives (and the overarching priorities mentioned above) in 2018 specifically. View the full 2018 strategic plan at 

Grow and Diversify the Baton Rouge Area Economy

Cultivate the Region’s Talent

Transform the Baton Rouge Area’s Quality of Life

  • Advocate for the I-1O widening funding approvals 
  • Pursue more funding options to: 
    • Build a new Mississippi River Bridge  
    • Increase use of the 190 Bridge  
    • Improve local arterials to alleviate traffic away from major thoroughfares  
    • Advocate for alternative transportation options 
  • If aligned with BRAC’s policy goals, support a potential EBR Schools facilities tax renewal election 
  • Drive forward Capital Region beautification efforts 

Elevate the Region’s External Image

  • Create an online resource of key messages, positive media placements and tips for external talent recruitment 
  • Shift focus of #thinkBR campaign to young professionals, highlighting target industries and the opportunities available to young people in the region 
  • Collaborate with members of SoLA Super Region Committee to advance strategies for projects including an inter-city train and a state legislative policy agenda 

Written by Caitie Burkes

As the marketing and communications intern, Caitie is responsible for providing support for marketing team programs and projects.