5 Ways to Enhance Your BRAC Investment

An investment in the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) is a direct influence on our mission to lead economic development in the nine-parish Capital Region. It is what fuels our progress on the four goals of our regional strategic plan: grow and diversify the Baton Rouge Area economy, cultivate the region’s talent, transform the Baton Rouge Area’s quality of life, and elevate the region’s external image. 

Your investment not only helps BRAC reach these goals, but also serves your business interests. As a BRAC investor, you can structure an engagement plan to target your business needs, because we know that with any investment, the lingering question remains: How do I maximize my return on investment?” 

To make it a little easier to figure out the best ways to help your business through BRAC investment, we’ve compiled five quick tips to enhance your investment.

Build a Network

Building a strong business network is an essential tool for success in any industry. BRAC fosters relationships between investors by hosting events, facilitating referrals, and offering sponsorships and grand opening services exclusively to our investors. Our goal is to provide resources that will increase your visibility among BRAC and the community to grow your business.

Join a Council or Committee

BRAC encourages investors to become active by serving on one of BRAC’s committees, councils or working groups, with focuses ranging from small business and entrepreneurship, to education and workforce, to diversity and inclusion. As the voice of the business community, it is vital that we have your input on our advocacy agenda.

Become an Ambassador 

Open exclusively to BRAC investors, BRAC’s Ambassador Program is designed for company representatives to actively build relationships with other BRAC investors and community members. While taking a dive into BRAC’s mission and work, BRAC Ambassadors receive an ample amount of exposure, complimentary event attendance, and direct connections to local businesses. Jason Roussell of Enterprise Holdings joined the program to take advantage of the opportunity to “promote the overall economic health of the Baton Rouge Area,” describing that the program has “only added to the value  receives from the Chamber.”

Create Valuable Partnerships  

Investors can make valuable connections and cultivate relationships with BRAC staff members that satisfy a variety of initiatives. Some of BRAC’s internal resources include talent developmentbusiness retention and expansioncustomized market researchreports and analysissite selectionbusiness development, and workforce solutions. We want you involved in the areas of focus you are most passionate about so that together we can create a lasting impact on our region while building strong relationships in the community.

Reach out to the Business Concierge

If you are confused and don’t know where to begin or are looking for the next step in your BRAC involvement, BRAC’s Business Concierge is available at any time to meet with company representatives to review BRAC benefits, services, initiatives and to see how we can best collaborate. Bryce Tomasich, Director of Marketing at River House, explains his collaboration with BRAC best: “Our decision to invest in BRAC has afforded us the ability to secure a multitude of meaningful connections in our efforts to conduct effective outreach throughout the wonderful city of Baton Rouge.” 

Interested in learning more? Contact a team member from BRAC’s Investor Development & Relations department to learn more about customizing your company’s engagement plan.  

Get engaged today and watch your connections grow!

Gabrielle Roussel

As Manager of Investor Development, Gabrielle assists the functions of the Investor Relations team with the cultivation and retention of BRAC’s valued investors. She works to connect BRAC with the region’s business and community leaders.

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