BRING IT! Diversify our Industry Base & Job Opportunities

A more diverse industry base will grow jobs faster, retain more talent, and be more resilient. The core priorities of the this goal are to:

  • Level up entrepreneurs and existing businesses
  • Grow emerging industry sectors
  • Shift business attraction into hyperdrive

BRING IT! Big Outcome: Grow 500 new jobs in emerging sectors 

Economic growth in the Baton Rouge Area has been fairly moderate over the past decade, and recent growth has been concentrated in the construction sector. Adding 500 new jobs in our emerging sectors—life sciences, software, renewable energy, and water—over the next five years will signal a strong shift towards economic diversification.

BRING IT! Big Priorities for 2022

To further the goal of diversifying our industry base and job opportunities in 2022, BRAC will pursue the following tactics:
  • Roll out BRAC's small business services suite
  • Build a hyper-targeted strategy to grow the life sciences sector
  • Catalyze growth within emerging industries
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