Executive & Administration

Adam Knapp

President and CEO

Karen A. Brown

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO and Database Manager

Michael DiResto

Executive Vice President

Belinda Monteverde

Senior Staff Accountant

Emily Stich

Director, Leadership Baton Rouge 

Jennifer Watson

Operations Manager and Receptionist

Achilles Kelly Williams

Chief Financial Officer

Business Development

Russell Richardson

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Rachel Delamain

Director of Business Development (Consultant Recruitment)

Rowan Knight

Business Development and Sites Coordinator

Donnie Miller

Director of Business Development, City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish

Jayson Newell

Regional Director of Business Development


Chandra Williams

Director of Business Retention and Expansion

Caroline Cenci

Business Development Intern

Economic Competitiveness

Liz Smith

Senior Vice President of Economic Competitiveness

Logan Anderson

Director of Governmental Affairs and Special Projects

Madison Costanza

Economic Research and Policy Analyst Intern

Andrew Fitzgerald

Senior Director of Business Intelligence

Brooke Hathaway

Economic Research and Policy Analyst

Jonathan LeMaire

Policy and Research Project Manager

Ethan J. Melancon

Policy and Research Project Manager

Dorothy Stillson

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Economic Competitiveness

Investor Development & Relations

Emilia ‘Emi’ Gilbert

Senior Vice President of Investor Development

Monica Hughes

Director of Investor Relations

Michelle Mahaffey

Manager of Business Services

Gabrielle Roussel

Manager of Investor Development


Kelly Bienn

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Katie Fontenot

Director of Events

Morgan Kastner

Marketing Manager

Christy O’Neal

Art Director

Allison Smith

Marketing Intern

Melissa Thompson

Director of Talent Development