Annual Report

BRAC releases an annual report to update investors and community members on BRAC’s progress against its annual and five-year goals.

2019 Highlights

  • Secured record-setting 27 economic development project wins resulting in 1,171 permanent jobs and $3.1 billion in capital investment
  • Consulted with 164 regional businesses through the business retention and expansion program to connect companies to growth resources
  • Partnered to launch BR POP, a program to link local minority-owned small businesses to contract opportunities
  • Awarded over 5,500 students statewide with the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential, designed to prepare students to become small business owners and employees
  • Launched a fellowship for regional school leaders to learn about jobs and education pathways that don't require a four-year degree
  • Developed a statewide process for economic development organizations to align the credentials taught in school districts with their local economies
  • Secured $5.5 million for engineering and environmental clearances needed for a new Mississippi River crossing and connectors
  • Developed and led passage of a new state law that allows for reinvestment in blighted proprieties
  • Guided the prioritization of the 60 new capacity projects in the MOVEBR plan
  • Secured 63 national media placements about Baton Rouge and its assets
  • Crafted and promoted Baton Rouge's key marketing messages inside the region to help form a more common narrative
  • Led regional spokespeople in a New York City press trip to bring Baton Rouge's top stories to the media capital of the world

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