August Investor Spotlight

Meet Lee Jenkins

Occupation: Vice President

Organization: Performance Contractors, Inc.

BRAC Involvement: 2017 BRAC Chairman, Quality of Life Committee Member

What does your organization do?

Performance Contractors is a General Industrial Contractor based here in Baton Rouge.We also have   offices in Lake Charles, Houston and Mobile and maintain a total employment of 8,000 men and women working on projects across the United States.We are strongly committed to the Baton Rouge Area as well as the entire state of Louisiana.  Workforce development and craft training are a passion of ours at Performance Contractors.

What are some advantages of being located/doing business in the Capital Region?

We are proud to be based in our State Capital, and Baton Rouge is a great place to do business. The Baton Rouge Area is home to one of the largest industrial centers in our country. Business opportunities abound as a result of this tremendous manufacturing base we are so privileged to have in our region. Additionally, we are a college town, and LSU and Southern create an energetic atmosphere that is evident throughout our city.

Why did you decide to invest in BRAC?

At Performance Contractors, we feel it is incumbent upon business to invest in the well-being of our community. BRAC is committed to the promotion of economic development in our nine-parish region. We want to be a part of this effort to insure that business and industry are in full support of BRAC’s efforts to maximize the economic health and success of our region.

What would you say to companies contemplating joining BRAC?

BRAC is an energized, focused organization with clearly-defined goals and expectations. Committed to the economic development and quality of life for all of us in the nine-parish region, BRAC’s strength and effectiveness is directly attributed to its active membership.  Come be a part of a great organization with a necessary focus and mission.

What do you anticipate for your company in the next five years? For the Capital Region?

Performance Contractors is excited and optimistic about our company and our industry.  We continue to see significant investment in the industries we support, and we feel that our company is poised to continue to enjoy success. We are investing and growing the infrastructure at our Baton Rouge campus, and we look forward to exciting opportunities in the coming years.

The Capital Region has many things we can be proud of. Construction and development of the Water Campus along with the evolution of our Health District stand to make huge impacts in Baton Rouge. Connecting LSU to Downtown through the Water Campus is exciting and will generate incredible impact. The construction of our new Children’s Hospital is something very special for this region. I am so proud of this effort and look forward to this dream of so many incredible people coming to life when construction is completed in 2019.

We have our opportunities, and we know what they are.  It is time that the Capital Region should embrace the mission to improve the quality of life for all of us who make this wonderful area our home.

BRAC is an investor-driven organization leading economic development in the nine-parish Baton Rouge Area. BRAC’s investor base includes small businesses, midsize firms, large industry and entrepreneurial startups, as well as other individuals and organizations.

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