Baton Rouge Area Chamber head: Despite changed plans, IBM is still helping grow Louisiana economy

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Recent news about IBM may lead our region to wonder what the latest is with the company. While this week’s news is accurate that the company wasn’t able to secure a project for a short-term support center, it misses a few broader points about IBM that we felt were important to cover for your readers. At their recent open house, IBM executives shared that they are actively hiring graduates from Baton Rouge Community College, Southern University, and Louisiana State University at a rapid clip.

They also announced a P-TECH partnership with Tara High School that will give its students the opportunity to earn an associate degree while in high school and also give its graduates a direct path into tech sector jobs and positions with IBM. They are evaluating creating a cutting-edge apprenticeship concept for our market as well, sometime in the near future we hope. IBM has been a good community partner with education institutions and other nonprofits.


In terms of IBM’s economic development impact, we continue to be pleased with the company’s hiring and growth. It has a huge presence in its downtown Baton Rouge center, with a talented and diverse team who are developing technology solutions for clients all over North America. IBM has increased their hiring of software and tech talent as well, as the company plans more career fairs, including ones coming up in Houston on March 16 and Baton Rouge on April 6.

IBM continues to be a game changer and a home run project for the region, and the tech sector continues to add exciting jobs in Louisiana.

Adam Knapp

president and CEO, Baton Rouge Area Chamber

Baton Rouge

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