Baton Rouge Area Chamber releases commentary on frequent questions surrounding the St. George vote

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The favorable Oct. 12 vote to incorporate the proposed city of St. George seemed to be clear progress for supporters, but it leaves the discussion about public schools pretty murky.

To give clear answers on some frequently asked questions surrounding the fake of area public schools, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) released a commentary on the issue on Monday.

Some key questions that are answered in the commentary include:

  • Now that St. George has a vote to become a city, does it automatically have the authority to create a school system?
  • Must a school district created to serve St. George have the same boundaries as the city?
  • Which EBR School System campuses fall within St. George?
  • Do the public schools in St. George transfer over to a St. George School District, if one is created?
  • Will a St. George District have an obligation to contribute to legacy costs like pensions and healthcare for retirees?

The full commentary can be found at

“Amid the St. George vote and activity since then, the fact that this whole effort started in dissatisfaction with public schools has not been forgotten,” said Randy Cangelosi, Chair of BRAC’s Board of Directors and Partner at Kean Miller. “Although St. George leaders have said activity to address schools is several years off, questions are swirling in the community about how a school district might be created and how it might impact East Baton Rouge.”

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