Baton Rouge Area Jobs at All-time High 

BRAC releases economic updates in monthly dashboard 

Baton Rouge, LA (June 13, 2024) – The Baton Rouge Area continues to boast all-time high jobs according to the monthly economic indicator dashboard released today by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC). The dashboard, which examines and analyzes the state of the regional economy, can be downloaded directly here.   

“The Capital Region continues to keep pace with its peer metros regarding jobs and the economy – the region is at an all-time high for jobs and boasts an unemployment rate right at 3%, signaling a tight labor market. However, new city-level population data reveals a potential issue: most peers have a strong correlation between rates of growth in their urban core and suburbs, while the Capital Region has growing suburbs and a shrinking primary city,” said Andrew Fitzgerald, BRAC senior vice president of business intelligence. “As we continue to work at retaining and attracting talent for the 18,000+ currently open jobs, it’s key that the City of Baton Rouge serves as a magnet to draw young professionals to the Capital Region.” 

Key findings from this month’s dashboard include:  

  • The Capital Region’s construction sector continued its streak of job growth with 1,100 new jobs in April; 
  • Most peer metros are at or near all-time jobs records, and all saw unemployment fall based on the most recent federal data; 
  • While job postings have declined over the last year, demand for labor remains high; 
  • Hotel occupancy and revenues were lower this week than in past years; and, 
  • The City of Baton Rouge’s population has fallen since 2020, but the rest of the metro has seen modest growth. 

BRAC’s Economic Indicator Dashboard looks at several data points to illustrate the economy’s current state. With data from a number of regional stakeholders, the dashboard is the most real-time analysis of the Baton Rouge metro economy available.  

Riverbend Research, BRAC’s standalone research consulting firm, provides custom research services on a competitive fee-for-service basis, including labor market research, economic impact modeling, demographic and economic data, and general research and consulting. Interested businesses can learn more or submit research project requests at

About the Baton Rouge Area Chamber   

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) is a regional economic development organization with a bias for action. BRAC seeks to push Baton Rouge beyond the status quo, unleash its potential, and support a vibrant business community that believes the finish line does not exist. BRAC seeks to accelerate economic opportunity in the Baton Rouge Area, for everyone, through BRING IT! Baton Rouge, its five-year, regional strategic plan. Learn more about BRAC at


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