The Baton Rouge Creative: Jonathan Harnsongkram

Creative opportunity lurks around every corner in Baton Rouge. With art galleries, theatres, video production studios, music festivals, and more, creative outlets are multiplying in the form of professional careers and volunteer opportunities. Young professional Jonathan Harnsongkram found his creative career path at Baton Rouge-based DigitalFX. 

At DigitalFX, a production studio in Baton Rouge, Jonathan creates advertisements, short films and documentaries, mainly working on post-production, including editing and coloring footage.  

Find out how Jonathan is bringing his creative touch to Baton Rouge. 

The Balancer

The phrase “work-life balance” is more than catchy jargon in Baton Rouge. Baton Rougeans have mastered ensuring that life outside the office is just as fulfilling and exciting as a career in one of the city’s fast-growing sectors.  

With the uniquely southern perspective that knows you don’t always need a reason to have a party, young professionals like Jonathan are able to hit the reset button after work. That mentality in the workplace helps to keep life in Baton Rouge balanced at the perfect intersection of work and play. 

When he’s not behind a camera or in the editing booth, you can find Jonathan unwinding with friends. A few of his favorite pastimes? Tinkering with motorcycles, bike riding, and photography. 

Jonathan also makes sure to use some of his down time giving back to the community.  

The Volunteer 

Mixing work and play, Jonathan shares his skills for good by volunteering with some of Baton Rouge’s many local non-profits. Volunteering is second nature for young professionals in the Capital Region, who know they can not only use their talents to advance a good cause, but also to further develop their own skills and networks.   

Jonathan gives his time helping to produce videos for fundraising efforts, while also trying out new techniques and tactics. Being able to use his skillset to shine a light on the important work being done in the community helps push him to continue growing in all areas of his life. 

That spirit of giving and of camaraderie is one of the driving forces behind the creative revolution Baton Rouge is experiencing.  

The Creative

Baton Rouge has always had a culture deeply rooted in the arts, but with the influences of area young professionals, that culture is now expanding and thriving. Forming a creative class of its own, Baton Rouge is using art to teach, to empower, and to revitalize the community.  

As part of that movement, Jonathan is one of many young professionals shaping the creative future of Baton Rouge. Through his work at Digital FX, he is helping to put Baton Rouge on the map as “Hollywood South.” And through his volunteer work, he is directly impacting community initiatives.  

Baton Rouge’s growing arts landscape is creating new economic opportunity in the Capital Region, giving way to bright, creative futures for Baton Rouge young professionals. With people like Jonathan driving the momentum, it will be exciting to see what the evolution of Baton Rouge will bring. 


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