The Baton Rouge Entrepreneur: Courtney Scott

Baton Rouge is a place where moonshot ideas become reality. As a perfectly-sized region, the Baton Rouge Area offers the resources and opportunities typically only found in big cities, all with the support of a connected, close-knit community. An individual’s actions and ambitions can quickly make a difference in Baton Rouge. Whether a person’s dream is to launch a startup or a grassroots art movement, the generosity and passion of the Baton Rouge community will help see it through. One such case in point: Courtney Scott, a local entrepreneur and young professional. 

As an entrepreneur, marketing and business strategist, local radio host, and media storyteller, Courtney has made Baton Rouge her home, embracing the many resources the city offers, while also bringing her own brand and talents to the community. 

Find out how Courtney is using her passion for Baton Rouge to make the city bigger and better than ever. 

The Urbanite

After bouncing around to different cities in her middle school years, Courtney landed in Baton Rouge and was convinced she’d never call it home. Little did she know she would one day become one of the city’s most passionate advocates. 

Now a resident of downtown Baton Rouge, Courtney has a walkable, amenity-rich lifestyle she loves. With her office just across the street from her house, and a quick two blocks from the local radio station she hosts her show at, Courtney is in the middle of downtown’s explosive growth and excitement. Even better, she’s never far from a connection, brainstorm, or opportunity, so she is always feeding her hunger for the next big thing. 

The Community Curator

Finding the hidden gems of opportunity throughout Baton Rouge, Courtney has embraced the title of Community Curator. Her passion for seeking out bold ideas and collaborating to see them through fits perfectly into her “be the change” mentality.  

While her day to day life can be hard to predict, you can bet she can be found working behind the scenes on cultural initiatives designed to shine a light on people and progress. One of her favorite initiatives is beBATONROUGE, a media platform that profiles Baton Rouge through an urban lens. Featuring a collective representation of Baton Rouge, the platform seeks to tell stories from all different cultures and perspectives. Spreading her Baton Rouge love even more, Courtney talks all things BR on her radio show “Hustle in the City” on Cumulus Media Q106.5.  

Words of advice from THE Community Curator? “Step outside of the norm and explore different parts of Baton Rouge and talk to strangers. There is a rich legacy of stories that exist within the minds of people we would usually only say hello to.”  

The Entrepreneur

Above all else, Courtney considers herself an entrepreneur. And what better city to be one in than Baton Rouge? With one of the most diverse economies in the country, a track record of steady growth, and a uniquely vibrant culture, Baton Rouge is the perfect environment for entrepreneurs looking to jump in and make a difference.  

Courtney’s main gig is founder and principal strategist of her business consulting firm the Byan Group. Through her consulting work, she’s able to turn problems into opportunities, and connect with the city’s other dreamers and doers. As the momentum builds around big thinkers like Courtney, it’s impossible to not be excited for what the future holds.  


When you think of passionate entrepreneurs, #thinkBR.   

There’s a lot more to Baton Rouge than all of us might think. We have great job opportunities, the friendliest people, a culture like nowhere else, exciting festivals, incredible cuisine, a wide variety of amazing parks and outdoor activities, and the list goes on and on. To find more #thinkBR stories, visit

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