The Baton Rouge Problem Solver: Jake Wagner

Whether it’s collaborating on coastal restoration, curing chronic disease, or using technology to end distracted driving, Baton Rougeans don’t shy away from solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. For young professionals like Jake Wagner, the opportunity to match passion with purpose makes dreaming big in the Capital Region an everyday occurrence. 

Jake’s job as Customer Experience Manager for Cellcontrol, a Baton Rouge-based tech company with a mission to end distracted driving, meshes perfectly with his passion for safe cycling.  

Find out how Jake is pedaling his way through Baton Rouge and helping to solve problems all over the world. 

The Bicyclist

One of Jake’s favorite past times is hopping on his bicycle and exploring the community. Whether riding to the downtown farmers market, around the lakes near LSU’s campus, or participating in group rides, Jake takes advantage of the tight-knit, welcoming cycling community in Baton Rouge. 

As a hobby cyclist, Jake knows first-hand the dangers of distracted driving. In 2017, he was struck while cycling through town by a driver who was on a cellphone. While he was lucky to walk away without major injury, the experience underscored his commitment to safety and efforts to eliminate distracted driving.  

Jake’s passion for cycling gives his work a deeper meaning and keeps his focus on tackling the problem of distracted driving from every angle. 

The Advocate

For Jake, his job with Cellcontrol is an extension of the work he does when not on the clock: making the community safer for everyone. You could say he’s the perfect advocate for the company’s technology, which reduces distractions from applications (like cellphones) for vehicle operators.  

When not on his bike or connecting Cellcontrol’s technology to new markets, Jake volunteers his time with organizations in the Baton Rouge Area dedicated to educating the community on safe driving and cycling practices. Through organizations like the Capital Region Traffic Safety Coalition and Bike Baton Rouge, Jake works with students in elementary, middle and high schools to help young drivers learn safe commuting practices. 

The Problem Solver

Distracted driving isn’t just a safety problem, it’s also a business problem with implications to the bottom line. Since its founding, Cellcontrol has expanded around the world, including markets in Australia, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. It has a pretty good track record, too. Through its cutting-edge technology that blocks incoming calls, texts, and app notifications, Cellcontrol has reduced customer accidents by 50-90 percent. 

Jake and his colleagues at Cellcontrol are a dedicated group of entrepreneurs who believe their technology can change the world.  


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