BRING IT! Bolster Our Talent Pipeline

Above all else, talent drives regional economic development and growth. The core priorities of the this goal are to:

  • Keep college grads
  • Build a seamless talent pipeline
  • Elevate skillsets
  • Bring talent to BR

BRING IT! Big Outcome: Increase percentage of regional population aged 25 – 44 by 5%

Thriving peer metros and innovation hubs retain and attract a larger percentage of this demographic than the Baton Rouge Area. Increasing this percentage regionally will also reflect a reversal of net out-migration of young professionals.

BRINGI IT! Big Priorities

To further the goal of bolstering the talent pipeline, BRAC will pursue the following tactics: 

  • Attract people into our region with the skillsets and innovative thinking needed to advance our economy by developing an interactive website and complimentary marketing campaign that brings the Baton Rouge Area story to life. 
  • Retain talent produced at our colleges and universities by promoting Handshake to increase internship postings and placements. 
  • Create career opportunities for K-12 students through the Talent Action Collaborative. 
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