BRAC, Baton Rouge Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Foundation Unveil Business-Led Page/Rice Camera Initiative 

Initiative to honor victims’ families and promote business participation in crime-prevention  

Baton Rouge, La. (November 22, 2022) – The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) and the Baton Rouge Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Foundation today unveiled the Page/Rice Camera Initiative, a business-led crime-prevention strategy. 

The initiative, named in honor of recent crime victims three-year old Devin Page, Jr. and LSU student Allison Rice, entails partnering with Project NOLA and E-South Technologies to install high-tech crime cameras on a business or surrounding property in high-crime areas. The cameras, installed by Project NOLA, are linked to local real-time crime centers to be easily viewed by the Sheriff and Police departments and made accessible to the business and law enforcement after an incident occurs. 

“Every day, I hear business leaders asking, ‘what can be done to address crime,’ and today, I’m glad we can share an initiative that can be part of that solution,” said Adam Knapp, BRAC president & CEO. “Addressing crime will take a multi-faceted approach from many individuals and organizations, and we are hopeful the Page/Rice Camera Initiative can be the first phase of continued business investment in addressing crime in our communities. I encourage all interested businesses to seek out a camera for their property and extend that kindness by donating funds to other businesses in high-crime areas to also receive a camera.” 

Proven to reduce violent crime, any business can opt-in to purchase a camera for its property, or it can donate funds for other businesses in high-crime areas to be gifted with the technology. The Baton Rouge Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Foundation is accepting requests to be considered to receive a camera at no cost through its grant program and collecting donations for additional community cameras at

“The Page Rice Camera Initiative is a great representation of business-led support for a greater community need,” said Clay Young, chair of the Baton Rouge Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Foundation. “This initiative is one step forward in the effort to make our community safer, and at the foundation, we plan to continue to engage with the business community and supply critical resources to promote public safety in our community.” 

The camera program by Project NOLA is the first and only national real-time crime camera program that monitors and analyzes crime camera video and proactively brings high-intensity illegal drug distribution operations to the attention of law enforcement. Additionally, the camera definition is up to 156 times greater than legacy crime camera programs and up to 16 times greater than Genetec-powered programs, and costs are 1/100 of the typical crime camera program. 

“Cameras are becoming the new eyewitnesses,” said Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul. “We’re looking forward to working with the foundation on this initiative to build our Connect Blue camera share program to keep communities across Baton Rouge safe.” 

“I appreciate the continued support of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber and the Law Enforcement Foundation,” said East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux. “Increasing cameras in conjunction with law enforcement will make our community safer. Cameras provide objective and reliable digital evidence that is invaluable to solve and prevent crimes. By working collectively with our community partners, we can create a safer environment for our parish.” 

The installation cost for a camera through the initiative is $2,600, and the proceeds will go towards funding additional cameras in high-crime areas. The cost to host a crime camera varies depending on the geographical location and historical crime trends. After the initial installation, average operating costs are estimated to be around $500 annually and camera recipients must provide electricity and internet connection. 

Learn more about the initiative and apply for, purchase, or donate a camera at

About the Baton Rouge Area Chamber  

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