BRAC Board Announces Support for EBR Scooter Ordinance, Calls on Metro Council to Approve

Baton Rouge, La. (October 28, 2020) – The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) today announced its support for a pair of proposed ordinances that would allow individuals to rent and use electric low-speed scooters in East Baton Rouge Parish. The Metro Council will vote on the ordinances at today’s meeting.

Written by the East Baton Rouge Parish Attorney’s office, the legislation would allow for two companies to operate scooter rentals. The ordinance allows for each company to rent up to 100 scooters, with an option to increase to 250 scooters after 90 days. The agreement would be in place for three years. The second ordinance sets forth rules for safely operating a scooter with respect to appropriate speeds, helmets and parking. 

“Quality of urban life improvements in mobility and recreation will help us attract and retain talented individuals to our community,” said Rex Cabaniss, partner at WHLC Architecture and chair of BRAC’s Quality of Place Committee. “The ordinances account for safety and operational concerns, while also opening the door for this fun and innovative transportation alternative, both of which will benefit residents and businesses of Baton Rouge.” 

Embracing transportation alternatives such as these aids Baton Rouge in competing with similar-sized cities. Like the popular bikeshare program, Gotcha, low-speed electric scooters will reduce car use and traffic, offer greater mobility to non-drivers, and provide a new way to explore areas of the city. In supporting this ordinance, the Metro Council can signal to residents and visitors that Baton Rouge is taking action to improve quality of life, is interested in attracting and retaining talented residents, and is welcoming to companies who want to operate here. 

About the Baton Rouge Area Chamber 

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