BRAC in favor of road improvement sales tax

The proposition will be on the ballot on December 8, 2018.

MoveBR proposes a half-cent sales tax to fund a transportation infrastructure project list of $805 million in new investment in over 60 projects in East Baton Rouge Parish.

BRAC says its position of support is based on the dedicated nature of the tax—meaning the funds can’t be used for other projects—the list of road projects can’t be changed without a vote of the people and because the improvements will reduce traffic congestion as well as build more community enhancements like sidewalks and bike lanes.

“Business leaders regularly and consistently cite traffic as their primary barrier to business and growth here in the Capital Region,” says Adam Knapp, president and CEO of BRAC in a prepared statement. “Not only will the increased capacity brought by MoveBR cut that barrier, it will create additional economic impacts of its own through the 3,000 estimated jobs created by the projects and the value of the time saved from both people and goods sitting in traffic.”

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