BRAC launches website for newcomers to the Baton Rouge area / The Times Picayune

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber recently launched a website aimed at helping those who are considering moving or relocating to Baton Rouge, adjust to living in the area.

BRAC’s includes information about housing options, job openings, leisure time activities, and opportunities to network, organized in four main, searchable categories of community, career, downtime, and connect.

“LIVEcapitalized is the resource to help newcomers get settled, assimilated, and connected in the Capital Region.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect part of town to call home or something to do over the weekend, LIVEcapitalized offers an inside link to all that is the Capital Region,” said Julie Laperouse, BRAC’s director of talent development.  “Additionally, area employers routinely cite talent recruitment and assimilation as a priority and this site will support recruiters and HR professionals in their workforce development efforts.”

BRAC says LIVEcapitalized will serve as the home for BRAC’s talent development program and as a complement to area employers’ existing recruitment practices.

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