BRAC Urges Governor to Sign HB514

Legislation will direct $300M annually to transportation infrastructure

Baton Rouge, La. (June 11, 2021) – Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) President and CEO Adam Knapp today released the following statement calling on Governor John Bel Edwards to sign HB514, legislation that would gradually redirect up to $300M a year in vehicle sales taxes to infrastructure priorities, including a new bridge over the Mississippi River and widening of I-10 to three lanes from LA 30 to LA 22.

“BRAC strongly urges Governor Edwards to sign HB514. The state of Louisiana has put this off for far too long, and with the federal government looking at an infrastructure package, the time to act is now if we want to have the resources to access matching funds.

“Our elected leadership worked together on HB514, a bipartisan first step in funding sorely needed infrastructure priorities across the state. Here in the Capital Region, commuters spend 55 hours (about two and a half days) in congestion annually and burn an extra 25 gallons of gas per year because of the congestion on our roads. Our region is the fifth worst in America for traffic congestion. It’s not only an aggravation, it’s a real barrier to economic development.

“The state’s transportation infrastructure funding crisis prevents economic growth, negatively impacts quality of life, and increases the cost to do business. Sustainably funding transportation infrastructure is, and has been, a priority for businesses in the Capital Region for years.”

About the Baton Rouge Area Chamber  

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