BRAC, Visit Baton Rouge Talent Initiative Expands with HR and Marketing Resources 

“Better in BTR” initiative releases toolkit for local HR, marketing professionals to spread BTR messages 

Baton Rouge, LA (June 20, 2024) – The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) and Visit Baton Rouge Tuesday released its Better in BTR Human Resources (HR) and Marketing toolkit during a Greater Baton Rouge SHRM event. The toolkit can be accessed at

The resources are part of the recently launched multi-year campaign “Better in BTR” to attract and retain young professionals in Louisiana’s Capital Region. Resources include Baton Rouge key messages/city highlights, a neighborhoods guide, cost of living information, guides to entertainment and networking, marketing materials, and more. Local organizations are encouraged to use these tools to strengthen their recruitment efforts by using place-based marketing that elevates the region’s external image through consistent and concise messaging. 

“We’ve seen time and time again that communities able to articulate their strengths consistently win big in attracting talent and business,” said Ann Trappey, BRAC interim president and CEO. “’Better in BTR’ provides the Capital Region with the opportunity for a unified voice that’s authentic, cheeky, and above all, proud. The HR and marketing resources we’ve developed empower our regional businesses to easily and swiftly engage with the Better in BTR initiative, ultimately serving as a powerful rallying call for our region.” 

The “Better in BTR” campaign showcases Baton Rouge as a right-sized southeastern city where professional and personal connection is a way of life, where careers in research, innovation and entrepreneurship flourish and where a diverse and lively culture makes life outside of work more rewarding and fulfilling than competing cities. The HR and marketing resources explore these different topics throughout the toolkit.

“Unified community messaging is crucial in showcasing the true essence of Baton Rouge,” said Jill Kidder, Visit Baton Rouge president and CEO. “When our local organizations speak with one voice, it amplifies our strengths and makes a compelling case for why people should live, work, and visit here. The ‘Better in BTR’ campaign not only highlights our vibrant culture and rich history but also fosters a sense of pride and collaboration that is essential for driving tourism and economic growth.” 

For more information on the “Better in BTR” campaign and the newly released resources, visit  

About the Baton Rouge Area Chamber  

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) is a regional economic development organization with a bias for action. BRAC seeks to push Baton Rouge beyond the status quo, unleash its potential, and support a vibrant business community that believes the finish line does not exist. BRAC seeks to accelerate economic opportunity in the Baton Rouge Area, for everyone, through BRING IT! Baton Rouge, its five-year, regional strategic plan. Learn more about BRAC at

About Visit Baton Rouge 

The mission of Visit Baton Rouge is to increase visitation to and awareness of the Baton Rouge area, therefore enhancing economic impact. To see more press releases from Visit Baton Rouge, head to Keep up with the Capital City on social media @visitbatonrouge. 


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