BRAC’s August 13 COVID-19 Brief: The $33 Million Weekly Gap: Federal Pandemic Unemployment Insurance in the Capital Region

Weekly unemployment claims in the Capital Region have stagnated around 55,000 people seeking benefits. Without the $600 weekly federal supplement, jobless Louisianans are eligible for up to $247 per week, and the trust fund from which these benefits are drawn is dwindling rapidly. Alarmingly, that $600 weekly benefit has come to approximately $33 million in weekly income to Capital Region residents. The loss of that benefit, which took place on July 31, translates to a loss of that money being available for spending at area small businesses. For the sake of unemployed individuals and the survival of area small businesses, some form of benefit is critical. BRAC’s latest analysis takes a look at the solutions being considered in Washington, DC, and their respective impacts on the Capital Region.


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