BRAC’s June 10 COVID-19 Brief: Summer camp in the Capital Region

Safe and reliable childcare has always been a necessity for working families, and the unique circumstances surrounding COVID-19 has only emphasized its importance. With the school year now over and restrictions and social distancing protocols still in place, many working families across the region are wondering where their children will go for summer care. BRAC surveyed summer camps in May to gather insight into what regional providers are planning.


Key findings from BRAC’s survey include:

    • 81% of summer camps are planning to have in-person summer camp
    • 4.7% of organizations will not offer camp
    • 14.3% will offer virtual camp programming
    • The majority of camps will serve children in-person, but occupancy limits mean they will only enroll an estimated 2,000 children
    • Closed and virtual-only providers would normally serve 2,200 children in-person
    • 47% of those operating will require the hiring of additional staff members

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