BRAC’s May 26 COVID-19 Brief: Weekly Economic Indicator Dashboard

BRAC is producing a weekly economic indicator dashboard as part of our business recovery priorities. The dashboard examines and assesses the impact of COVID-19 on the regional economy, taking into account a number of data points to illustrate the economy’s current state, and to keep businesses informed as it begins to steady and rebound. Past dashboards are archived on


Key takeaways from this week’s dashboard include:

  • Consumer spending was up over the week across the Capital Region’s three largest parishes, and in Ascension it is back to pre-pandemic levels;
  • Hourly employment at small businesses was up slightly across the same parishes, but has not rebounded to the extent other indicators have;
  • The number of initial unemployment claims dropped for the fourth consecutive week, and are down more than 70% from the high week in April;
  • Hotel occupancy rate has risen for the fifth consecutive week, likely due to legislative session and greater essential work travel as the economy reopens.

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