BRAC’s May 29 COVID-19 Brief: Safeguarding the office through screening

Two weeks into Louisiana’s Phase One partial reopening of the economy, many companies are still adjusting to a “new normal” office environment that in some respects may last for quite some time. While some businesses who can are continuing remote work for all or almost all employees, still others have begun the process of reestablishing office occupancy to the maximum level allowed under Phase One (25 percent). A key component of transitioning back to the physical workplace, as advised by state and federal health officials, is utilizing a daily screening process. Many companies are asking how to do that in a way that’s both thorough and not unduly burdensome.

Understanding that there’s no one-size-fits all solution for every work environment, BRAC is offering up recommendations for procedures to adopt that we’ve found easy and effective, including a sample screening tool that we developed with advice from our healthcare partners.


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