BRAC’s May 7 COVID-19 Brief: Introducing the PPE Marketplace

BRAC has partnered with Lyons Specialty Company, LLC to launch a PPE Marketplace to source and supply PPE at competitive rates to the Capital Region business community. The PPE Marketplace is updated regularly and includes items such as disposable 3-ply sanitary masks, N95 masks, gloves, hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol, alcohol wipes, sanitizing towels, disinfectants, and more. Businesses are invited to place orders for next day, hands-free pickup in Port Allen.


Businesses across the region and from all sectors have expressed concern about accessing affordable PPE to safely reopen. In a PPE needs survey conducted by BRAC, 72% of respondents indicated that they had not yet purchased PPE or had made a purchase, but were worried about the supply chain to successfully get more. Businesses are encouraged to order PPE in advance of the anticipated May 15 start of the Phase 1 reopening of the economy to ensure employee, vendor, and customer safety.

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