BRAC’s October 20 COVID-19 Brief: BRAC’s Economic Indicator Dashboard

BRAC’s Economic Indicator Dashboard examines and assesses the impact of COVID-19 on the regional economy, taking into account a number of data points to illustrate the economy’s current state, and to keep businesses informed as it rebounds. Past dashboards are archived on


Key findings from this week’s dashboard include:

  • Combined weekly unemployment claims fell for the twelfth week in a row, and hit their lowest number since March;
  • As of late August, low-wage jobs were still hit hardest by the pandemic. These jobs are largely in the leisure and hospitality sector, which is still affected by the Phase III restrictions;
  • Hotel occupancy is in line with the same week in 2019, although revenues are notably lower; and
  • In mobility data, CATS ridership is slightly up, although overall residents appear to be spending more time at home than in previous weeks.
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