BRAC’s October 27 COVID-19 Brief: BRAC’s Economic Indicator Dashboard

BRAC’s Economic Indicator Dashboard examines and assesses the impact of COVID-19 on the regional economy, taking into account a number of data points to illustrate the economy’s current state, and to keep businesses informed as it rebounds. Past dashboards are archived on


Key findings from this week’s dashboard include:  

  • Continued claims were down more than 11% over the week and fell in every Capital Region parish. This is the lowest number of claims since March 28;
  • Retail fuel sales were higher over-the-year for both the state and the region, and have now trended positively since the Spring;
  • Although low wage jobs rose slightly in the new week of data, they still remain down 17%, while middle wage jobs are down 4%, and high wage jobs are actually up 1% from pre-pandemic numbers;
  • Hotel occupancy was much higher last week than on the same week in 2019, and revenues were up more than 50% over-the-year;
  • While mobile data shows that more people are going to work than in previous weeks, travel to retail stores and recreational facilities is lower.
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