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2026 Regional Strategic Plan: BRING IT!

For over a decade, BRAC has been the organization to get things done on behalf of the region’s business community. As we embark on our next five-year, regional strategic plan, we are committed to solving the big problems, facilitating the tough conversations, and leading the business community to increasingly greater heights. It’s time to BRING IT! Baton Rouge, and it will take all of us to transform the region into the vibrant, thriving environment we all want to call home.  

The Baton Rouge Area is at an inflection point. While the region has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past decade, economic development isn’t a single-player game. A comparative glance around the country reveals a Baton Rouge Area that is advancing, but not fast enough to meaningfully compete with peer metros like Austin and Nashville. BRAC’s new five-year, regional strategic plan is founded in the belief that our business community is ready to tackle challenges head-on, together, to accelerate growth. 

BRING IT! Strategy


Bolster our talent pipeline

  • BRING IT! Big Outcome: Increase percentage of regional population aged 25 – 44 by 5% 
  • Thriving peer metros and innovation hubs retain and attract a larger percentage of this demographic than the Baton Rouge Area. Increasing this percentage regionally will also reflect a reversal of net out-migration of young professionals. 

Diversify our industry base & job opportunities

  • BRING IT! Big Outcome: Grow 500 new jobs in emerging sectors 
  • Economic growth in the Baton Rouge Area has been fairly moderate over the past decade, and recent growth has been concentrated in the construction sector. Adding 500 new jobs in our emerging sectors —life sciences, software, renewable energy, and water— over the next five years will signal a strong shift towards economic diversification. 

Create a more inclusive economy

  • BRING IT! Big Outcome: Attract $100M of private investment into disinvested communities 
  • Many disparities in the Baton Rouge Area fall along racial and gender lines in concentrated geographic areas. Strategically attracting new investment in these areas will help enhance the region’s overall vibrancy and growth potential. 

Enhance our region’s livability

  • BRING IT! Big Outcome: Boost perceptions of the Baton Rouge Area by 20% 
  • Based on stakeholder input, the Baton Rouge Area suffers from an overall negative perception of itself. Eliminating this narrative will have positive effects on the region’s ability to attract talent and businesses. 

BRING IT! Funders

Fully activating this strategy will require a significant increase in financial and staff resources, along with support from BRAC’s existing councils and committees. The following businesses have committed to financially supporting the BRING IT! strategy: 

We’re Ready to BRING IT, Are You?


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