A call for help: Baton Rouge small businesses devastated by 1000-year flood

Business Record

We received word from one of our business journal peers, the Baton Rouge Business Report, about the struggle that Louisiana businesses are dealing with in the wake of this month’s 1000-year flood. Many businesses were devastated and didn’t have flood insurance. The organization is asking for help from the rest of the country through donations to a fund established by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber and the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, which aims to help small businesses recover. According to the Baton Rouge Business Report, “The fund will focus on making microgrants of less than $10,000 to affected small businesses. The idea is to provide them with cash, no strings attached, that they can spend on whatever services or equipment will help them get back in commerce most expediently.” To learn more about the fund and how to help, read this article on the Baton Rouge Business Report website: Read more >>>

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