Regional Canvas Benchmarking Workshop

Baton Rouge Area business and community leaders will make their eleventh trip in 2022 to reflect upon important policy issues facing the Capital Region and learn how the destination region, Greenville, South Carolina, addresses similar matters. The Regional Canvas Benchmarking Workshop is an effort by BRAC in conjunction with the Office of Mayor-President of East Baton Rouge Sharon Weston Broome. Business leaders from the Capital Region and surrounding areas are expected to participate.


The Regional Canvas Benchmarking Workshop will be held November 2 - 4, 2022, in Greenville, South Carolina.

Registration is $2,500 per person, which includes all transportation, lodging and meals.

Located right on Main Street in the heart of Downtown Greenville, AC by Marriott Greenville Downtown inhabits the very soul of the city. Offering a unique combination of quality, timeless European design, comfort, and true authenticity. This unique hotel pays homage to the local area, it's inspiring people, arts, and culture. You'll appreciate the extensive collection of art work throughout the hotel at every turn, all created by local artists in Greenville.

Canvas participants will travel to Greenville via a private charter flight. The flight will depart from the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport the morning of Wednesday, November 2 and arrive back in Baton Rouge the evening of Friday, November 4. Checked luggage is included.

About Greenville

Why Greenville

From creative public-private partnerships that led to a vibrant downtown to its impressively diversified industry base, Greenville – which is regularly at the top of national “Best Places to Live” rankings – has undertaken a number of best practices that align with BRAC’s five-year strategic plan. Session topics for Canvas will include:
  • Partnerships in development and quality of place
  • Inclusive entrepreneurship
  • Business and education partnerships
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Diversifying industries within an economy
Check back for more information on the workshop's agenda.



Katie Fontenot

Director of Events
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