Capitol 411: BRAC’s Legislative Wrap Up

The 2021 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature was a clear success for economic development in the Capital Region, with BRAC notching more major legislative wins than in any session of recent history. Substantial progress was achieved in nearly every component of BRAC’s legislative agenda, most notably in tax reform, centralizing sales tax collection, education and workforce, and redevelopment. The most significant infrastructure investment in years, as well as compromise unemployment legislation to address labor market disruptions, await positive action by the Governor to put in place, which BRAC hopes he will do. An in-depth look at BRAC’s priority areas and bills can be found in its legislative wrap up, linked below


The work of the legislative session might have ended, but BRAC will continue to advocate for Capital Region businesses. Major victories on centralized sales tax collection and tax reform rely on voters approving two constitutional amendments on the October ballot. BRAC’s policy team will remain engaged and will provide updates as the year progresses. BRAC investor businesses are invited to further engage in this work by joining BRAC’s Legislative Committee, which develops and supports issues that promote a positive, proactive economic environment for the Capital Region. Reach out to staff lead David Zoller at for details.

David Zoller

As BRAC’s Manager of Governmental Affairs, David Zoller is responsible for the organization’s governmental relations and advocacy efforts and managing other projects related to economic competitiveness and quality of life.

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