Consultant, Energy Transition

Organizational Description 

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) leads economic development in the nine-parish Baton Rouge metropolitan area. Serving as the voice of the business community, BRAC’s membership includes more than 1,500 organizations whose employees represent over a third of the Capital Region workforce.

Scope of Work

BRAC is seeking a talented, highly motivated individual to serve as the Consultant, Economic Development, Energy Transition to work as part of H2Business Development Program team working in the South Louisiana region.

The goal of the H2Business Development Program is to attract, retain, and expand hydrogen-related businesses in South Louisiana and market the region as a hub for this emerging sector. Led by BRAC and executed in partnership with Greater New Orleans, Inc., One Acadiana, South Louisiana Economic Council and Southwest Louisiana Economic Alliance.

This person will lead and support the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy, with a focus on the energy transition, to successfully create economic development opportunities for Louisiana.  In this role, you will be responsible for introducing energy evolution companies and contacts to potential development opportunities in South Louisiana. Additionally provide advice and support to businesses operating in the energy transition industry.

This position will have the following expectations:   

  • A deep understanding of renewable, clean energy technologies, products, and services associated with sectors such as, hydrogen, ammonia, solar, wind and the clean energy value chain.
  • Provide detailed fact finding, research, and analysis on energy-related activities (particularly energy efficiency, grid modernization, renewable energy, customer programs, new business models, and sustainability)
  • Work with existing industrial companies to support growth and transition into the low-carbon hydrogen value chain.
  • Serve as an industry advocate, building relationships with local businesses that align to support investment in targeted industry sectors.
  • Working effectively with colleagues and client staff as part of a project team; work independently as needed. Have client discussions regarding design and implementation of energy transition solutions.
  • Execute strategies and initiatives that achieve results for leads generated, leads converted, jobs created and new capital investment.
  • Researching and recruiting new companies across the hydrogen value chain (including startup support)
  • Develop a promotional plan to market South Louisiana as the epicenter for renewable energy transition and green hydrogen.
  • Use a variety of methods to engage companies:  geographic outreach, marketing, third-party lead generation, conference attendance, in-market visits, social media.
  • Respond to new leads in a timely manner and pursuing new leads independently.
  • Attending sector and industry-relevant conferences, panels, and other events as a representative of South Louisiana H2theFuture partners and help in brand building; frequent overnight travel required as well as facilitating tours of regional assets with CEOs and consultants.
  • Work across multiple levels and multi-cultural teams
  • Perform other duties as assigned.           

Key Skills

  • A self-starter with a curiosity for companies, their story, employees, and operations with the ability to effectively present the Louisiana industry narrative.
  • A proactive thinker, and entrepreneurial professional, requiring minimal supervision, maintaining a professional image and spirit of cooperation, teamwork, and communication.
  • Integration of technology/software platforms to supplement job duties. 
  • Ability to interact at all levels of clients’ organizations. A team player, working closely with corporate executives, community leaders and investors, local officials, state economic development professionals, and private sector clients


  • Effective and timely communication of relevant project information to clients
  • Able to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully
  • Strong people skills
  • Delivers engaging, informative, well-organized presentations
  • Easily interfaces with senior level executives


  • Analytical capabilities (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Ability to think strategically and tactically.
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy


  • Strong advocacy skills
  • Ability to meet internal and external colleague expectations effectively and professionally and positively represent the organization.
  • A desire to work within a diverse, collaborative, and driven professional environment.


  • 5 years successful experience in a field related to economic development, management consulting, or business development.
  • Two to seven years of experience in industry, consulting, or finance environments, in areas related to emissions estimates and management, environmental management and/or plant operation.
  • Experience in management consulting
  • Strong track record of business and economic development-related experience
  • Experience in executing projects on low carbon and carbon capture technologies.
  • Familiarity and demonstrable passion for the following:
    • Sustainability (e.g., GHG emissions accounting standards, GHG reporting protocols, life cycle assessments, ESG)
    • Innovation (e.g., advancement of new ideas and technologies)
    • Environmental and sustainability policy appraisal
  • Experience on defining solutions for Hydrogen (Green, Gray, Blue)
  • Familiarity with energy markets and underlying fundamentals, regulations, and policies; specific experience and/or knowledge of specific segments of the energy industry preferred

Contract pay structure: Competitive, based on qualifications and experience.

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