BRAC’s July 22 COVID Brief: On-site vax at businesses

With reported new COVID infections reaching a third-highest single day record in Louisiana yesterday, BRAC has aggregated the names of free or nominal cost on-site vaccination programs for businesses of any size to host on-site vaccinations for their employees or for a group of neighboring businesses. We have heard many examples of unvaccinated employees being motivated to get vaccinated when it is made easy and even more accessible during regular work hours. For that reason, we wanted to make it simpler for employers to know who to call or email to set up an on-site event. Listed below are the direct points of contact that will arrange for your business, or group of businesses, to host on-site vaccinations.

Who To Contact

Thomas Dunn, Director of Operations

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center or (803) 665-1213

Charlene Ho, R.N., Director of Population Health


Meghan Parrish, VP

Baton Rouge General or (225) 237-1943

Will work with companies to develop customized solutions

Ed Silvey, CEO

Baton Rouge Clinic or (225) 246-9301

Dennis Taylor, VP of Occupational Health

Total Occupational Medicine or (225) 229-2177

Prime Occupational Medicine

PGS@PRIMEOCCMED.COM  or (225) 408-2810

Steven Presley, COO of Occupational Medicine

Patient Plus Urgent Care or (225) 663-6827.

Ashley Landry, MBA, CSBI, SOLC; VP of Clinical Services

Open Health Care Clinic

(225) 800-1327

Vikki Lee Wilbon, RN

Rosebud Healthcare and Training


Tips for on-site vaccination programs

  • Plan to pre-register staff who are interested to give your vendor a count for how many vaccinations to anticipate
  • Have a conference room indoors, or an area for a mobile unit or tent outside, where the vax team can set up for the time required
  • Vaccination efforts with at least 20-25 people will create more productive uses of time. Partnering with other nearby businesses for their employees to have access can help boost participation.
Adam Knapp

Adam Knapp is president and CEO of the Baton Rouge Area Chamber. Knapp oversees all activities at BRAC and guides the strategic vision for the organization.

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