BRING IT! Create a More Inclusive Economy

A more inclusive economy leads to a faster growing economy. The core priorities of the this goal are to:

  • Accelerate minority and women-owned businesses
  • Drive investment into neighborhoods in need
  • Boost D&I in the workplace

BRING IT! Big Outcome: Attract $100M of private investment into disinvested communities 

Many disparities in the Baton Rouge Area fall along racial and gender lines in concentrated geographic areas. Strategically attracting new investment in these areas will help enhance the region’s overall vibrancy and growth potential.

BRINGI IT! Big Priorities for 2022

To further the goal of creating a more inclusive economy in 2022, BRAC will pursue the following tactics:
  • Launch a minority business accelerator
  • Increase minority-owned small business vendors in the BR-POP procurement partnership
  • Lay the groundwork for a for-profit redevelopment fund
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