DA Hillar Moore says BRAVE program is working


The BRAVE program seems to be living up to its name by reducing violence in the city.

District Attorney Hillar Moore gave a snapshot of how the program is working at a Baton Rouge Area Chamber luncheon Tuesday.

Brave takes a pro-active, community-based approach in violent neighborhoods like those in the 70805 area. Under BRAVE, the East Baton Rouge Parish crime rate dropped 20 percent last year. Moore says reducing crime is an essential component to the overall growth of Baton Rouge.

“If you imagine trying to recruit people to a community as successful as this one is, but we also have had a problem with violent crime in the last few years.  It’s something our district attorney has taken on very aggressively,” Moore says.

Moore will start sending letters to released convicted felons moving to Baton Rouge to let them know it’s illegal for them to have a gun. The letters will also help felons who are free to find jobs and get an education.

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