Devault Foods Swept Into Action By Floods in Baton Rouge


Devault Foods sends 50 cases of burgers and sausage with nonprofit organization heading to Baton Rouge for relief effort. A hot meal with a helping hand makes a real difference to those effected by a disaster.

Devault, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) August 23, 2016

A report released on Friday (August 19, 2016) by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber (“BRAC”) outlined early damage done by recent floods. The Devault Foods family was swept away by the statistics and photos. According to the BRAC report, 20 parishes in Louisiana have been effected by floods. The attention of the community is shifting from emergency response to recovery efforts. “The community is blessed that loss of life has been low in comparison to property damage.” says Brett Black, Devault Foods COO. “Unfortunately early estimates forecast that remediation will cost upward of $30 Billion, this is almost twice the investment needed in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The Devault Foods family swept into action. Over 50 cases of food with a market value of almost $5,000.00 was dispatched to Baton Rouge.”

BRAC reports:

  •     110,000* homes have been effected by the flood
  •     7.364* businesses in the Capital Region employing 73,907 people are effected; this accounts for 21% of the region’s businesses and 18% of the employee force.
  •     An additional 5,360* businesses employing an estimated 49,951 people in surrounding parishes are effected by flooding.

*It should be noted that these statistics are growing as rains continued through the weekend.

On Friday afternoon, Devault Foods equipped a Chester County based non-profit, Helping To Heal Haiti with cases of burgers and sausages. Helping To Heal Haiti (“HTHH”) is a 501(c) 3 corporation and certified Non-Government Organization that has experience with disaster recovery and relief after the Haitian earthquake in Port Au Prince and more recently in north Jersey after Super Storm Sandy. The HTHH team represents Emergency Medical Technicians and talented contractors. They travelled to Ascension Parish over the weekend and will be engaged in relief projects this week.

“Talk about swept away,” says Shelly Meadowcroft, Co-Founder of HTHH. “Devault Foods donation was beyond our expectation! Our experience tells us that pulling in with a hot meal for relief workers and community members who want to stay close to their remaining belongings means a great deal to those effected by disaster. It also gives us an opportunity to engage in conversation with local people to assess where we can assist with clean-up and demolition. Unfortunately at this phase of the disaster, demolition is critical to avoid the spread of disease and illness.”

“Devault Foods is grateful for the opportunity to extend food and prayers to the people of Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes,” says Michael Zacco Vice President of Sales. “Communication channels are set up between Devault and the HTHH team on the ground. As additional needs are assessed, the Devault Foods Family will support and promote a Go Fund Me project to send additional support. Please go to to learn more about what is happening and to get involved.”

The health and prosperity of families is important to Devault Foods. The health of local communities is built on the foundation of businesses – large and small. The devastation of recent floods has not yet been realized. The Devault Foods family would like the residents and business families of Baton Rouge to know that additional efforts are underway, that they are in the thoughts and prayers of many and that a continued effort will be made to build awareness.

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