BRING IT! Enhance our Region’s Livability

A more livable region retains and attracts talent and companies. The core priorities of the this goal are to:

  • Upgrade our infrastructure
  • Beautify BR
  • Rally BR pride

BRING IT! Big Outcome: Boost perceptions of the Baton Rouge Area by 20%   

Based on stakeholder input, the Baton Rouge Area suffers from an overall negative perception of itself. Eliminating this narrative will have positive effects on the region’s ability to attract talent and businesses.

BRING IT! Big Priorities

To further the goal of enhancing the region's livability, BRAC will pursue the following tactics: 

  • Reduce the region's violent crime rate by actively supporting and promoting SafeBR and the Page Rice Camera Initiative. 
  • Reduce blighted properties and blighted business signage by leading the development of new policy and the implementation of effective enforcement practices. 
  • Secure new direct flight at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport. 


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