Get Involved in BRAC in 30 Minutes or Less

If there’s one thing working people can agree on, it’s that we’re busy. Time is precious, so we have put together a helpful list, ordered from the least amount of time to the most, on how you can get involved with BRAC. Take a peek, we promise it won’t take too much time.  

  • Follow us on social media: It’s as simple as a click of a button. To stay uptodate with all that’s happening at BRAC and around the nine-parish region, you can follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn. 
  • Sign up for Live Capitalized: BRAC’s bi-weekly newsletter keeps you in the loop on all the fun things happening in the nine-parish region. 
  • Register for an upcoming eventQuickly immerse yourself in BRAC’s vast network at one of our events. Try something light like a Monthly Lunch or go all-in and grab tickets to the Statewide Economic Development Summit presented by Entergy. 
  • Read our blog: The BRAC Blog is perfect for staying up-to-date on all things economic development in the Capital Region – we are constantly highlighting new people, places and initiatives. 
  • Learn about BRAC’s strategic plan: Learn how BRAC is shaking up the Capital Region with our five-year regional strategic plan, Think Bigger. The campaign focuses on growing and diversifying the Baton Rouge Area economy, cultivating the region’s talent, transforming quality of life, and elevating the region’s external image. 
  • Read Catalyst: BRAC’s award-winning magazineCatalyst, provides an update on BRAC’s progress against each of the four goals of the five-year strategic plan. It also highlights major economic development stories in the region. 
  • Research the regionBRAC annually develops research reports on issues that significantly impact the region’s economic competitiveness.  

Are you an investor already? Don’t miss out on your investor-only benefits: 

  • Log on to the Investor Portal: The portal is a resource for all investors, allowing organizations to post their events and coupons on the platform for other investors to take advantage of. Don’t remember your organization’s login info? Contact BRAC’s Investor Relations team to locate it. 
  • Learn more about your investor benefitsSchedule a phone call with one of BRAC’s Investor Relations team members to discuss your organization’s engagement plan and how you can take advantage of everything BRAC has to offer.
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