Hire Local Postsecondary Talent

With over 50,000 students in higher education in the Capital Region, finding a great intern or employee shouldn’t be complicated.  


BRAC, LSU and Southern University have partnered to promote Handshake, the largest early talent recruiting platform connecting employers, talent, and colleges all in one place. Businesses of any size can access students and alumni of LSU and Southern behind a single free login. 

Get Started in Handshake

Setting up an account in Handshake is simple and straightforward. Over 475 schools utilize the platform, meaning your Handshake account allows you to customize job postings with just a few clicks. Other features include direct student messaging and powerful applicant filtering. 

  • Connect with LSU and Southern University by selecting these universities in the final step of account setup; “Connect with schools” 
  • Begin posting your jobs for free, and browse on-campus career events and interview opportunities 

If you need some guidance, check out this article on creating an employer profile, and this article on how to post a job. 

College Central Network


BRAC and River Parishes Community College have partnered to promote GradCastthe institution’s platform for connecting students with industry-specific job opportunities.  

Learn more about GradCast here. 

Get Started in GradCast 

Employers can create a free employer account with GradCast to receive resumes from local recent graduates trained in your industry.  

Build an Internship Program

Additional BRAC Services

BRAC is committed to helping Baton Rouge Area businesses connect with the right talent to grow and succeed.  

Customized candidate tours: When your company brings in out-of-market candidates, hire us to provide a customized tour of Baton Rouge. We’re experts at it. In fact, when a candidate who goes on one of our tours is offered a job, there’s a 94% chance they’ll accept the offer.  

Marketing support: Location is often a huge influencer when professionals are making employment decisions. Baton Rouge has a lot to offer with its genuine people, top-tier culinary scene, and a culture of celebration. We’ve put together a Baton Rouge Toolkit with key messages, positive press, and tips on how to incorporate Baton Rouge into your employee attraction and retention strategy. 


Maggi Spurlock

Director of Talent Development
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