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BRAC announced its inaugural Capital Region Employee Health Innovation Award last month to recognize companies in the nine-parish region that are implementing and promoting innovative practices which lead to healthier and more productive employees in the workplace. The award is presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and will be awarded to both a small and large business.  

Workplace health has become an increasingly popular topic over the years as more organizations recognize the benefits of encouraging employees to take better care of themselves. The results are good for both employees and employers. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that effective workplace health programs can reduce health risks and improve quality of life. This in turn can reduce insurance premiums paid out by employers while also reducing absenteeism by employees due to less sick days. The CDC recommends workplace health programs that contain a combination of health education classes, access to fitness facilities, insurance for preventative screenings and more 

The CDC suggests that a workplace health promotion system consists of four main steps: workplace health assessment, planning of the program, implementation of the program, and determining the overall impact.  

Wellness programs also lead to higher employee engagement and, ultimately, higher employee retention. Businesses who embrace innovative internal programming often come out ahead in the constant battle for qualified talent. 

Businesses that have implemented workplace health programs are encouraged to apply for the Capital Region Employee Health Innovation Award. Applications will be accepted through July 25. To qualify for the award, a business must: 

  • Have an employment presence within the nine-parish Capital Region 
  • Be able to demonstrate internal innovations and/or programs implemented by the company or its employees that is recurring or ongoing related to topics such as, but not limited to, exercise, nutrition, health education, external activities, behavioral health, transportation, or organizational policies. 
  • Provide documentation related to innovations and/or programs 

Awards will be presented at BRAC’s Monthly Lunch on Tuesday, September 10 at the East Baton Rouge Parish Main Library. 

To learn more or apply for the award, visit 

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