High School Internship Q&A with R’corious

Student Name: R’Corious L.

School: Franciscan High School  

Grade in School: High School Junior 

Company You’re Interning With: Baton Rouge Area Chamber 

What do you want to tell other students who are thinking about applying for an internship at BRAC or anywhere else?  

I would tell other students that BRAC is really a good place to work. It’s a fun environment to be in, and I love going there every week. It’s like when you enter the door, you feel like you are in a good presence. The workers here at BRAC inspire you to keep going. If you are having a rough day, the workers will take the time to talk to you. The BRAC team tells you what you did wrong, then they tell you how you can fix it. That’s what I love, they tell you how to get better.  

What is your favorite part about your internship? 

It’s never a boring day, everyday is very fun. One key thing about BRAC is that you have a connection with the workers. If I have any problems, I can talk to my supervisors. The team at BRAC always has a good attitude. They always tell you “Good morning!”  and welcome you with open arms from day one. They will come to check in on you, and they make sure you are okay. They are nice people, and BRAC is worth it.  

Since being in your internship, what have you learned about the field or the company you’re in? Can you see yourself doing any of those jobs in the future? 

I have learned a lot here at BRAC. I learned that you need to use your time wisely. Another thing I learned is that it’s important to take time to finish your work, always ask questions, and that meetings are important, too! BRAC has inspired me to chase my goals. In the future, I can see myself maybe being a teacher or owning a business. 

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