‘Inc.’ Magazine Spotlights Baton Rouge’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

Business Report

Kenny Nguyen’s efforts to make Baton Rouge an entrepreneurial hub have been spotlighted in a feature by national business magazine Inc.

Turning his hometown into an entrepreneurial hub is a bold goal, writes the magazine, but Baton Rouge is a place where bold ideas can come to life. And Nguyen believes Baton Rouge isn’t the only overlooked city for entrepreneurial growth.

The article details how Nguyen runs Assembly Required, a nonprofit conference series bringing together national speakers, entrepreneurs, and leaders across government, and nonprofits with the aim of stimulating business and civic innovation. 

Adam Knapp, Baton Rouge Area Chamber president and CEO, tells Inc. how factors like the state’s angel investor tax credit, the talent pool from LSU, and the pandemic’s economic disruption helped drive an increase of business applications in Baton Rouge.  

“Assembly Required is kind of a perfect example of things that cities our size should be doing, need to be doing, aren’t always doing to help their entrepreneurs have really ready access to the brain trust that is the entire regional economy or state economy,” Knapp says.  

Nguyen’s team has three more events planned for this year, and he ultimately hopes to extend Assembly Required’s reach beyond the Baton Rouge area. Read the full article. 

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