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BRAC attracts businesses of all sizes and industries under a common mission to lead economic development in the Capital Region. The Investor Insider blog series highlights the diversity of our investor-base and how their work coincides with BRAC’s.  

As a regional organization, BRAC partners with stakeholders throughout the nine-parish area. In this month’s blog post, we highlight the work of local chambers and find out why they partner with BRAC.  

Baker Chamber of Commerce

Located just a few miles north of the Capital City is Baker, home to 198 businesses and five industrial operations.* Fostering industry is a founding principal of the Baker Chamber, whose mission is to “promote economic, business and community development and to enhance quality of life” within the Baker city limits. The impact of this mission was felt most after the historic 2016 flood when the Baker Chamber rallied around its business community to help rebuild.  

Executive Director of the Baker Chamber LaTania Anderson led the city on a path to recovery and has remained focused on continuing the progress in the Baker community. Anderson and her team do this by assisting their chamber members with business plan creation, marketing resources, and other helpful programs and organizations such as Louisiana Small Business Development Center at SouthernLouisiana Economic Development (LED), and SCORE 

Want more information about the Baker Chamber of Commerce? Learn more here 

Ascension Chamber of Commerce

East Baton Rouge Parish’s southern neighbor has been growing at one of the fastest rates in the state.** The residential boom experienced by Ascension has led to a demand for more commerce. The Ascension Economic Development Corporation, working closely with the parish government and local chamber, reports a total of 2,632 jobs created and $7.7 billion in capital investment by new and expanding enterprises in the last decade.   

Barker Dirmann, president & CEO of the Ascension Chamber of Commerce, believes Ascension is among the most “business friendly” parishes in the state. Along with his team, Dirmann works to provide a voice for the business community through networking opportunities and legislative advocacy. From his perspective, the Baton Rouge Area is a region where “corporate America and southern hospitality” live in harmony thanks to economic opportunity and vibrant, unique culture. Dirmann attributes Ascension Parish’s progress in part to its relationship with BRAC, sharing that “economic growth has undeniably been impacted by BRAC’s ability to successfully advocate” for an increasingly competitive regional economy.  

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West Baton Rouge Chamber

Across the river to the west, The Port of Greater Baton Rouge ranks eighth in the nation for annual total tonnage, reflecting the significance of the Capital Region’s economy.*** The West Baton Rouge Chamber works diligently to sustain this volume of commerce and stimulate business growth among various industry sectors to create a superior quality of life for the parish. Strong relationships between parish stakeholders fueled by a Parish Master Plan, titled PlanWEST, guide decisions on industrial, residential, and community growth, making West Baton Rouge’s direction very intentional.****  

Jamie Hanks, executive director of the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, tasks herself with ensuring that West Baton Rouge remains a place that residents are proud to call home. From partnering with the public school system through InternshipWEST to navigating the ever-evolving Industrial Tax Exemption Program (ITEP), the efforts of the chamber are seen in prideful students, new developments, and a committed private sector that chose to engage with the community. Hanks shares that West Baton Rouge and the entirety of the Capital Region is growing without losing our essence, and that “BRAC is a compelling catalyst that leads the conversation of where the Capital Region is headed.”   

Want more information about the West Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce? Learn more here BRAC partners represent the unique areas that make up the Capital Region and serve as vital assets to the promotion of regional economic development. Through increased collaboration and unification between BRAC and local chambers, our impact will be greater. After all, our voices are louder and stronger together.   

Stay tuned for future Investor Insider posts to learn about more of BRAC’s partners throughout the Capital Region. 


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Gabrielle Roussel

As Manager of Investor Development, Gabrielle assists the functions of the Investor Relations team with the cultivation and retention of BRAC’s valued investors. She works to connect BRAC with the region’s business and community leaders.

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