BRAC is always seeking to attract new investors who will partner with us in our economic development efforts. One way we do that is to leverage the existing connections of BRAC’s current investors through the Investor Referral Program. The program encourages investors to submit referrals in return for event discounts and other benefits. 

How the Investor Referral Program works:  

  1. Submit a quality referral through the form (below) 
  2. Referral becomes a BRAC investor 
  3. Receive free registration to a BRAC Monthly Lunch 
  4. Repeat! 


As a bonus, when two of your referrals become BRAC investors, you are entered in a quarterly drawing to win larger prizes including: 

  • LSU athletics tickets 
  • Complimentary registration to BRAC’s Annual Shareholders event  
  • Restaurant gift cards and more 

Interested in providing prizes for BRAC’s quarterly winners? Contact BRAC’s Investor Relations Strategist for more information on becoming a prize sponsor for the Investor Referral Program. 

What is a quality referral?

  • Name of the business/organization 
  • Name of the decision-making contact at the business 
  • Phone number for the contact 
  • Email address for the contact 
  • Permission to use your name when we reach out to the referral (optional) 

Program Conditions

  • Free admission to BRAC Monthly Lunches can be redeemed only one at a time and cannot exceed two per quarter
  • Your name will be entered each time an investor closes (if it exceeds two)
  • When your referral becomes a new investor, your picture and name will be added to BRAC’s quarterly referral leaderboard
  • Quarterly winners will be announced on BRAC’s social media

Submit a referral

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Business Name (Refer to our business directory for a list of current BRAC investors)
Contact Name at Business
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