January Investor Spotlight

Meet Judi Terzotis

Occupation: President

Organization: The Advocate/Times-Picayune

What does your organization do?

We are the largest media company in Louisiana. We are locally owned and have 412 employees across three markets. Our owner believes in investing in quality journalism and it’s reflective in our robust newsroom of 120 and the depth of our coverage. While most media companies are downsizing, ours is growing. This year we acquired The Times-Picayune and NOLA.com. We are also a full-service marketing company with an impressive digital portfolio and an event division.       

What are some advantages of being located/doing business in the Capital Region?

Baton Rouge is our headquarters and is situated in the middle of our footprint. So, from a scale standpoint, it’s an ideal location. With our company’s tenure in the market, we’ve been a part of our readers and business partners lives. We also support our non-profit community in a big way with donations over $500K per year. 

Why did you decide to invest in BRAC?

BRAC is instrumental in the success of our business community. Without the work they are doing, our Capital Region wouldn’t be thriving. 

What would you say to companies contemplating joining BRAC?

Become part of an organization that is invested in improving our business community, workforce and quality of life. 

What do you anticipate for your company in the next five years? For the Capital Region?

We are bullish on our company’s future. With the investments we’ve made in products and people, we are uniquely positioned to grow readership and market share. We are also very confident the next five years will be positive for the Capital Region as infrastructure projects are underway and our local economy remains strong. BRAC is an investor-driven organization leading economic development in the nine-parish Baton Rouge Area. BRAC’s investor base includes small businesses, midsize firms, large industry and entrepreneurial startups, as well as other individuals and organizations.

Each month, BRAC highlights one of its investors in the Investor Spotlight. To learn more about becoming an investor, visit the Join BRAC page or schedule a meeting with BRAC’s Investor Development and Relations team.

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