July Ambassador Spotlight

Meet Jordy Culotta

Occupation: On-Air Host & Sr. Sales Executive 

Organization: Guaranty Media 

When and why did you get involved with BRAC?

I got involved with BRAC through Flynn Foster, the president of Guaranty Media. I jumped at the chance to represent Guaranty to establish great contacts and relationships with local individuals from the business community 

Tell us more about how you are involved in Baton Rouge?

I stay involved through Sports B.R. I also remain active in youth sports by officiating basketball games in the winter and spring.  Additionally, this year I was honored to serve as emcee for the Our Lady of the Lake Fiesta benefitting the new Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. 

Why do you stay involved with BRAC?

Staying connected to great people and businesses motivated to inspire growth in Baton Rouge keeps me involved. It is encouraging to be a part of a group with the capital city’s best interests at the forefront.  

What would you tell someone considering becoming a BRAC investor?

Jump aboard! BRAC offers the chance to network, socialize and strategize all in one setting. A membership with BRAC would serve as an absolute advantage to your business.  

What do you see for the future of Baton Rouge? How will we get there?

I am hopeful my son will grow up in a city committed to fixing the issues that plague the area. Baton Rouge needs unbiased and committed leadership to find a remedy to crime, education and traffic. Organizations such as BRAC attract passionate individuals with resources to make that positive change.  

What’s one of the most exciting things you see happening in the Baton Rouge Area today?

I love seeing the commitment Baton Rouge has made to the tourist industry. Events like the Baton Rouge Blues Festival, the Baton Rouge Oyster FestCorked 5K & Wine Down and other running events bring in new faces to the city as it looks for new ways to create income.  BRAC’s Ambassador Program is designed to allow company representatives to actively build relationships with BRAC investors and business leaders while serving as advocates of BRAC’s work.

Each month, BRAC highlights one of these ambassadors in the Ambassador Spotlight. To learn more about the Ambassador Program visit the program page here.

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