July Ambassador Spotlight

Meet Blake Borgstede

Occupation: Inside Sales Specialist

Organization: Gatorworks

When and why did you get involved with BRAC? 

I got involved back in late 2019 shortly after I began my career at Gatorworks. To me, BRAC seemed like a great opportunity to network with other community leaders and learn more about projects in Baton Rouge that are vital to its growth.  

Tell us more about how you are involved in Baton Rouge (job or organizations). 

One of my job duties at Gatorworks is to assist with the growth of businesses in the capital area through digital marketing avenues. This is one of the most rewarding parts of the job–seeing new and established organizations excel because of our services. I also enjoy going to BREC parks to play golf. Where I grew up, there weren’t any public courses, so coming here and seeing how great of shape they are in makes it that much more enjoyable.  

Why do you stay involved with BRAC? 

I stay involved with BRAC because of the people! They are so welcoming, and I know that the growth of Baton Rouge is in great hands.  

What would you tell someone considering becoming a BRAC investor?  

I would highly recommend it! It’s a gateway to great relationships, and that is conducive to business growth. Being a part of the future of Baton Rouge is crucial to its success.  

What do you see for the future of Baton Rouge? How will we get there? 

I see great potential if we put in the necessary work to get there. I see progressive things like passenger rail from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. I also hope we can focus on health. If we can focus our society on being more health conscious, we can have more walking trails, bike paths, and other ways to get out there and sightsee our beautiful city. 

What’s one of the most exciting things you see happening in the Baton Rouge Area today?  

One of the most exciting things that I see is our food culture. There are so many great restaurants in town for anyone’s tastes. I am ready to see more food festivals come back as we ease back into post-pandemic life. 

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