July Investor Spotlight

Meet Blane Clark

Occupation: Managing Partner

Organization: Kean Miller LLP

What does your organization do?

Kean Miller is one of the largest law firms in the area, and the largest in the Capital Region. We help clients grow assets or protect assets. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients by serving as a trusted advisor and strategic partner.   

What are some advantages of being located/doing business in the Capital Region?

The Mississippi River corridor is home to the energy and petrochemical industries. These important sectors are the bedrock of our community, our workforce, and our law firm. 

The Paul M. Hebert Law Center located on the campus of LSU produces a rich supply of talented and creative lawyers.  

As do all businesses in Baton Rouge, Kean Miller reaps the benefits of working in a dynamic city with the nicest people in the world.   

Why did you decide to invest in BRAC?

We became a strategic partner over a decade ago. BRAC is charged with making our business climate, our collective community, and our region better, and it has. We are proud to play a part in that effort.   

What would you say to companies contemplating joining BRAC?

Join. Be strategic. Participate. Give of your time and talents and encourage your personnel to do the same.   

What do you anticipate for your company in the next five years? For the Capital Region?

As is the case in many industries, the legal industry is changing rapidly. Kean Miller is ahead of the curve in many areas and will continue to evolve to meet the challenges that our clients face. As we grow geographically into other states, the services that we offer our clients will expand. As for Baton Rouge, we are hopeful that with the help of BRAC and other business and community leaders, our politicians can help Baton Rouge reach its potential to become one of the truly great cities of this country. It can happen if we all work together with this as our goal. BRAC is an investor-driven organization leading economic development in the nine-parish Baton Rouge Area. BRAC’s investor base includes small businesses, midsize firms, large industry and entrepreneurial startups, as well as other individuals and organizations.

Each month, BRAC highlights one of its investors in the Investor Spotlight. To learn more about becoming an investor, visit the Join BRAC page or schedule a meeting with BRAC’s Investor Development and Relations team.

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